Closed Loop Sales and Marketing Performance Improvement

Advanced Marketing Concepts (Admarco) is a B2B Marketing Messaging consultancy, based in the San Francisco Bay Area and specializing in solving the problems that intersect and impact sales and marketing performance. These problems are the domain of sales enablement in more progressive firms.

Expert in solving the weak inbound lead-flow and poor lead quality problem as well as sales enablement services to improve the performance of the core sales group through the use of:

  • Buyer-relevant, content-driven conversations,
  • Point of View and storyline,
  • Visual storytelling and whiteboarding
  • Communication, language and listening skill development.

Admarco operates globally and through trusted partnerships and helps clients to:

  • Capture core product and service capabilities and map them to the cuases of buyer problems.
  • Create sales conversations that differentiate you vs. competition.
  • Implement Inbound Marketing using to generate more ofHubSpot partner
    the right kind of traffic and convert visitors into leads
  • Create content communication & collaboration ecosystems using various content distribution platforms including the WittyParrot platform to capture tribal knowledge and deliver relevant content.
  • Storytelling using the Story Seekers storytelling and story-tending method.
  • Influencing the B2B buying process and the transitions in the I-M-P-A-C-T buying process using value-created selling tools and technique.

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