Create your Whiteboard Story in just 2 days

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Create your own Compelling Whiteboard Story 

This on-site 2-day, intensive, hands-on collaborative workshop will provide you with the tools, techniques, materials, and best practices to transform your existing sales and marketing messaging into hard-hitting visual stories that differentiate you from the competition. 

We’ll help you sharpen and focus your messaging during the whiteboard design process if it lacks clarity.

You’ll leave the workshop with:

  • A completed business value whiteboard at either a corporate, solution, or product level, that all of your field personnel and channel partners can deliver to customers and prospects right away
  • Skills & techniques to create additional whiteboards for a complete portfolio of sales tools
  • The ability to deliver your visual story on an actual whiteboard, the back of an envelope, butcher paper at your favorite restaurant, or using the latest digital paper solution over a web conference
  • Whiteboard presentation technique, including when, with whom and how to present the whiteboard, and how to effectively use color and iconography
  • Support during the event and additional services from Mark Gibson, certified Whiteboardselling affiliate at special rates
  • A complimentary PAPERSHOW digital paper kit, a $175 value. 

Whiteboard Messaging Pricing

Whiteboard Messaging - Story creation

30 day development cycle includes initial 4-hour kick-off, four 1 hour echo-backs, integration of sales feedback on objections and best practices diagnostic questions, development of visual story and sales script synchronized and maintained in SaaS Whiteboardselling Workbench


Whiteboard Workshop

 2-day collaborative workshop support to build your own whiteboard story in-house. (Subject to reasonable T&A)