Influencing without Authority, Story Seekers™ Workshop,

Building trust through the power of story and connective listening.

Open Storytelling Workshop Minneapolis, Oct. 2015

Join us for 2.5 days in Minneapolis for our Open Story Seekers™ workshop.

Participants will discover how to connect with, influence and inspire change in others.

The methodology is a research-based framework that harnesses the power of three underused and underdeveloped communication methods:  storytelling, "story-tending" and connective listening.

Who is this Workshop for?

  • Salespeople - building speed of trust to increase their ability to influence customers & prospects
  • Sales managers - learn a framework for coaching the 87% of your reps who do not build trust intuitively
  • Leaders - learn to lead without having to pull out your 'authority' card - Leading Without Authority

Workshop Program

Workshops are interactive, practical, experiential, and feedback-oriented.

The workshop is broken into lecture, practice, coaching, and real-life case-study exercises. 

1) Build and Tell

  • Participants learn the new research behind how humans decide to trust and the science of how a story makes the mind receptive to new ideas
  • Participants build their own stories using the Story Seekers™ card system for targeted sales scenarios
  • Participants practice telling their stories authentically following the story arc of Story Seekers and get immediate coaching and feedback on their content, flow and telling skills

2) Tend and Reflect

  • Participants learn the new research behind how emotional reciprocity and empathy works
  • Participants experience the connective listening model designed to help them learn to tend and fully ‘get’ the stories of their customers and prospects

3) Connect and Influence

  • Putting everything together, participants simulate applying the Storytelling, Story Tending and Connective Listening skills in real life selling situations

Fees and Venue

Fee for the 2.5 day event including materials $1,800 per person, payable on commencement of the workshop. 


Loffler Companies, Inc.
1101 East 78th Street, Suite 200
Bloomington, MN 55420

Hotel Information

Quality Inn & Suites Mall of America – MSP Airport
814 American Blvd E.
Bloomington, MN 55420
Phone: (952) 854-5558

If you are interested, but cannot make it in October, please register anyway and indicate the city in which you would like the training held.


Story Seekers Open Workshop