Storytelling and Listening 

Developing Speed of Trust through the Power of Stories

Top salespeople are able to connect emotionally with buyers - quickly, which the Franklin-Covey organization refers to as “speed of trust”. This is one of the most critical skills in today’s buyer-seller relationship, where the salesperson’s “at-bat” opportunities are fewer and meeting duration is shorter. 

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In this Webinar we discussed:

  • How storytelling and story tending can change the chemistry in buyer-seller relationships
  • How the top 13% of salespeople use story to their advantage
  • How to develop your own story
  • How storytelling and storytending creates the opportunity to tell your visual story

Every sales leader has sales professionals on their team with character, who are competent, but who are not making their numbers. If you have salespeople in this category and you would like to help them to become more successful, then this introductory Webinar is for you.

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StorySeekers Webinar