Sales and Marketing Messaging Alignment using WittyParrot

A ten person sales team generates 32,000 brand messages per year, yet salespeople rate the clarity of their messaging only 5/10 on average. In addition; -

  • Most messaging is out of date,

  • It's inconsistently used and exists in anywhere between 5 and 50 different versions,

  • It's product-centric, i.e. not easily adapted in a buyer-relevant context

  • It's trapped in documents or presentations and not easily shared.

WittyParrot is a disruptive new content creation and delivery platform that perfectly enables the capture and reuse of value the propostion elements in various sales and marketing information products.

messaging reuse

This Webinar was recorded on Thursday December 5th., 2013 and the archived version is available fffor immediate replay.

In the Webinar we explain and demonstrate:
  • How to create and structure a value proposition aligned with buyer needs,
  • How to adapt content components to create website content, brand messaging, sales-ready messaging and customer-service conversations.
  • How WittyParrot delivers the right content at the right time to create competitive advantage in the hands of salespeople.
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Messaging Alignment