A 4-Step Kick-off Sales Enablement Process

If you want your reps taking home more than a hangover from your next sales kick-off, you need a sales enablement process.

Sales enablement means enabling your sales team to communicate with buyers around the issues they care about and to create value from their insight at every sales encounter. This requires crystal clear messaging, conversational content and sales tools; a sales enablement practicum to introduce new concepts and develop skill, and post-event coaching and accreditation.

1. Sales and Marketing Messaging Alignment 

Sales enablement starts with the buyer. If you don't understand why and how your prospective customers buy, then you have no hope of serving them effectively. Get started with a sales and marketing messaging alignment workshop to create reusable content source:

  • Develop ideal customer profiles and buyer personasbuyer_persona1
  • Create a problem-cause-capabilities map for each product/solution
  • Develop positioning pillars and win-themes and capture all messaging elements in a Messaging Architecture as reusable content source

2. Convert Messaging into Content to Support Sales Conversations

Use the I-M-P-A-C-T  method to understand your customer's buying process and map the sales process onto how customers buy. This is important in determining whether to create "why-change" messaging to support the disruptive "value-created" sale for emerging companies, or "why-me" messaging to differentiate from competitors in mainstream markets.
  • Create content products to support selling conversations including: call scripts, email solicitations solution summaries, presentations, conversation guides, "Who I've Helped stories", meeting summaries.
  • Load content into content delivery platform to provide instant access to the content and educate salespeople on the value of using it.

3. Sales Enablement

  • Create program goals, outcomes and ongoing skill/ competency development program.
  • Create visual stories and scripts for "why-change" conversations to initiate a buying process or "why-me" conversations to differentiate from competitors later in the buying process.
  • Deliver an enablement workshop where everyone acquires new skill  through role-playing and learns to tell and knows the "why-change" story.
  • sales_enablement_practicum.3

4. Post-Event Coaching Reinforcement and Accreditation

  • Train sales managers in coaching and developing selling, storytelling and communication skills.
  • Advise on skill/competency accreditation program to drive attainment and career progression.
  • Ongoing coaching and feedback sessions
  • e-Learning tools to support communication and language skills for better sales communication 
  • Certify individual performance.

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Sales Enablement