Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014
This is not an objective view of the new HubSpot CRM product, as I am a HubSpot customer and a HubSpot reseller and have not yet had the opportunity of using it.  It is a first impression from watching the demo video. ...Read More
Wednesday, Sep 10, 2014
I was in the audience when John Seely Brown  and Prof. Peter Denning took the stage a t the  SRII conference  in San Jose, CA earlier this year - what a privilege .  On each desk for the session was a...Read More
Monday, Sep 8, 2014
I read an article today that mentioned Chris Anderson (former editor of Wired Magazine) and his presentation on Vimeo entitled, Makers: the New Industrial Revolution . I was so enthralled with his talk I wanted to share it. ...Read More