Disrupted - Misadventures in the Startup Bubble

What could be better to drive book sales than a super successful tech company not so secretly trying to squelch your muckraking, hilarious and soon to be published book. Answer, nothing; and all the more fodder for the...Read more

The art of making tea - a lot like making a good sales call

Making a great cup of tea has nothing to do with making a sales call, does it? Drinking a great cup of tea has a lot to do with the daily enjoyment of life and like many things worth doing, it requires an appropriate set of...Read more

Cybercrime: Global Economic Crime Survey 2016: PwC

Originally published on Linkedin 2/25/16 Today PwC published their global 2016 economic crime survey. This is a comprehensive 56 page survey and will be of interest to senior executives in every company. Cybercrime is...Read more