The Hero's Journey and Basic Storytelling - Video

In my prior post, I introduced Visual Perception, which is part 1 of a three part video series from the Webinar, Your PowerPoint Sucks - and what you can do about it.I posted part 2 in a blog on LinkedIn today with part 2 of the...Read more

Your PowerPoint Presentations Suck Pt. 1 Visual Perception -Video

Do your PowerPoint sales presentations suck? - be honest. If they look anything like the spoof slide below, then this series of three 10-minute videos will be of interest. PowerPoint is ubiquitous, often maligned and most...Read more

I'm Blushing - I Sent a Piece of Naked Content

Editors, journalists, marketers, sales operations and sales enablement professionals, who curate content for readers to share, should always give it a content header to create value for the receiver. A content header is an...Read more