2016 Sales Productivity Tips from the Experts

I've been consulting on sales productivity for 12 years and published my first blog on the subject, Sales Performance Tools for Getting Started on Sales Effectiveness on my new HubSpot website in early 2008.   Read more

Reducing Sales Ramp Time to Accelerate Growth Part 2.

Reducing Sales Ramp 2. Ramping new hires quickly in a SaaS business is key to accelerating business growth. In part 1 of this post I discussed the high cost of a slow ramp and the causes of the slow sales ramp problem. I...Read more

The Challenger Customer - Book Review

Long awaited and an even more useful book for sales enablement and marketing professionals than The Challenger Sale. “The Challenger Customer, Selling to the hidden influencers who can multiply your results” is a “must-read” for...Read more