Reducing Sales Ramp to Accelerate Growth - Pt. 1.

Recently I attended a Sales Hacker forum and one of the questions from the group was “We have a very complex product, it takes 12-18 months for salespeople to become fully productive, how can we reduce the time it takes to get...Read more

The Half Life of a Learned Skill is 5 years - Toward a New Culture of Learning

I was in the audience when John Seely Brown and Prof. Peter Denning took the stage a t the  SRII conference  in San Jose, CA. - what a...Read more

The Great Sales & Marketing Divide - CSO Insights 2015 Report

The CSO insights 2015 Sales Performance Optimization survey of more than 1000 Chief Sales Officers in companies Worldwide was published last month and the findings are alarming.  Salespeople are struggling to hit their...Read more