Tuesday, Feb 4, 2014
Yesterday I published an article on the WittyParrot website about our experience and learnings from the 30 day HubSpot Blogging Challenge in January 2014. Below is an excerpt. I joined WittyParrot as VP Marketing in July...Read More
Tuesday, Jan 28, 2014
December 2013 marked the end of our 5th year as HubSpot customers and 4th year as HubSpot partners.   You can read prior reviews here: HubSpot Review Year 1 HubSpot Review Year 2 HubSpot Review Year 3  ...Read More
Wednesday, Dec 4, 2013
This is not a sales or marketing blog, but may be of interest to the golfers who read this column. I had the distinct pleasure of living in the home of golf, St Andrews, Scotland from 2003-2010 and count George Peper, featured in...Read More